Alexus Erin, once described as a “Manic Pixie Black Girl”, is originally from Princeton, New Jersey and is currently living in the UK, where she is a PhD candidate. Her written work specializes in the theoretical frameworks of embodiment, as well as feminist, gender, critical race and environmental justice studies. Erin’s first novel was published in 2009. Her poetry has previously appeared in Potluck Magazine, the Melanin Collective, The Nervous Breakdown, The Audacity (, LEVELER, and a host of others. American Lotus Project, which won an award at Temple University’s Diamond Film Festival, is her first screenplay. When she’s not writing, singing, dancing or doing stand up comedy in small Scottish cities, she’s busy growing plants in your walls as the co-founder of Wallflower Hydroponics.

Tiffany Patterson is an active day dreamer hailing from Trenton, New Jersey. She is destined to be a hero, but is barely conquering the saga of her mid twenties. After graduating Temple University in 2015, Tiffany moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in screenwriting and directing. Since then she has co-founded Starter House Productions, an independent production company responsible for AWAY (web series). In 2018 Tiffany produced her first short film during her time in Outfest's Young Filmmakers Fellowship Program, Outset. She is unsure what the future holds but she hopes to continue telling imaginative stories that expand the world for black, queer youth.