When "sad philosophy boy" Noah meets classic "manic pixie dream girl" Marie, he believes he's found someone to catalyze a major change in his world. But when the root of Marie's idea of love begins to crumble, she struggles with becoming the main character in the story that is her life.

American Lotus Project is a conceptually interactive piece, considering narrativity- our relationships with the stories we tell and the ones that are told about us. As screenwriters, we sought not to simply construct a parody of the romantic comedy- but to subvert it. Instead of the sad, existential-crisis-boy meets free-spirited-pixie-girl, or even narrative-that-exposes-sad-boy-but-in-the-end-he-still-gets-a-girl; in American Lotus Project rewrote this narrative genre, allowing the audience a glimpse into the "dreamgirl" backstory. Through this refocusing, we note how factors such as race, socioeconomic status, and mental illness affect audience viewing and understanding of the tropes we encounter in modern romantic comedies.

American Lotus Project talks about love in a way that separates it from other romantic comedies. Instead of presenting the subject of love through induction, we encounter it through deduction: this is what love is not.